2/1/14 Went to bed around 12:00 - Woke Up: 7:40

This was a really nice dream. I was at BU but the cast of Freaks and Geeks were my classmates. They were up to their usual shenanigans but it all just felt so right. I was like “;-; ma family.”

We started some kinda poker game using fruit snacks as chips but BU’s dean (played by Crowley lol) came by to tell us that’s not allowed at BU. We switched to Uno but he said that’s not allowed either. As he walked away I yelled “BUT IT TEACHES YOU SPANISH! LOOK, ‘UNO.’” Crowley-Dean looked back and smirked but we still couldn’t play Uno.

After game-time we had snack time. I was eating fruit snacks and the dean’s assistant walked by. I told her “The dean wouldn’t let us play with these.” She said “WHAT!?” and snatched them from me. I told her “But I can still EAT them!” and she gave them back. I then asked her to explain BU’s rules. I don’t remember any but there was a huuuuuge list and they were all stupid. I was like “Private schools man :/”

After the bell rang I ran past a group of goths and jocks. The goth group had a giant parasol and were wearing anime shirts. A jock yelled “It looks like Hot Topic threw up on you!” The main goth dude just closed the parasol and the group walked away. Another jock yelled to that same jock “looks like a DICK threw up on YOU.” And they rough housed lol.

On my way out of school I rode these escalators that were ridiculously fast and I screamed on them like they were roller coasters. A butler-looking dude that was on the escalator with me fell and tumbled continuously and the jokes laughed at him.

9/1/13 Went to bed around 1AM - Woke up around 9:30AM

I only remember a small amount of this dream

The only part of this dream I remember is that I was on a ride with Tess, Danielle, and some other people that lead us to an airport (I think). Before the ride they showed us a weird video about being attacked by a fly. I had to close my eyes because it was so scary. The ride started but the video continued and Strongbad’s voice appeared on some kind of intercom. He started jibbering about taking a vacation in Dust Land where everything is dusty and then he magicked up some Dust Land bumper stickers on everyone’s cars. The was also a plane that flew above us in the ride that dropped down papers that had a code from it. An announced  said “Since there’s no word for LOW in backwards Arabic, look only at the lowest hanging papers on the 12th rack. (lol whatever that means). 

After the main part of the ride it opened up into a surprise slide (like the ones at the carnival but without a rug to sit on). It was terrible and everyone around me was complaining. People kept bumping into me and getting ahead of me (somehow). The tubes were narrow and collapsed in places. And there were juice boxes littering the slide. At one point in the slide there was an animated video of two guys making out and for some reason I was like “C-can they do that??” And someone was like “It’s okay it’s Jace and Alec :v” and I was like “Well…oookay”. And then I jumped into a dark tube.

When I jumped into this dark tube a shouted “He may not be a man but he’s man enough for meee~” Cuz apparently the tube featured vampire Leonardo Dicaprio. In my dream I was convinced these video clips were from “Interview with a Vampire”. But A. I’ve never seen that and” B. He’s not in that movie. Ah well. 

When the slide ended I looked for Tess and Dani and found them. We all had luggage for some reason. Danielle’s “friends” (One of them looked like Kendel) met up with us saying they had to leave to explore Boston. One of them started crying but even dream-me was like “Who are you again?”

The only other part of my dream I remember was being at home in my mom’s room and deciding what outfit to wear. I was putting on two pairs of pants and ski socks cuz it was cold outside. Meanwhile guests that were either Spaniards of vampires (or both lol) shuffled around our room trying to fix a record player. My mom wanted to give them a record from the 60s as a gift but the record player was broken. Before she gave them the record she told me she was going to give them the “Shoobeedoo” single or something. At first I thought she was being racist and speaking fake Chinese or something (lol that sounds nothing like Chinese) but then I looked at the TV and the music video for “Shoobeedoo” was playing and the title of the song was on the screen.

What a nonsensical dream O_o

6/29/13 Went to bed around 12:30AM - Woke up around 9AM

This dream was pretty weird. There was a spider in my house that I decided was a really important spider and had to be kept alive. So whenever someone would get near it I would protect it.

Later in the dream this spider turned into a moth somehow, gaining the ability to fly. This made it a lot harder to keep track of. It also had a lot of babies. I decided the first two babies were important (like the mother) but the rest could die. However, I couldn’t figure out which moths were the originals.

The dream took a dark (but kinda funny) turn where my family was driven crazy by having so many moths in the house. My dad somehow lost his arm because of it and all my family hated me and wanted me out of the house. Dream me was like “this must be the worst timeline” (Community joke).

The second part of my dream was completely different and involved kittens. We had around 5 kittens in our house for some reason and I took one particularly cute one to take photos of. I wanted to make a photoset on tumblr or something but the kitten wouldn’t stand still. I also really wanted the kitten to like me but it kept glaring and hissing at me lol. Eventually I got the idea to call Katie (my photographer friend) over to take photos of all the kittens. However, she never got there before I woke up.

6/27/13 Went to bed around 12AM - Woke up around 8:25AM

This dream I only remember in bits n’ pieces

Piece One: My dad got fed up with me not mowing the lawn so he hired a company to do it. And then got mad at me for not doing it again…I remember being like “If you saw that someone else was doing the lawn, would you do it!?” Eventually I began to help the company-workers but their lawn mowers were really strange. You couldn’t stand up using them, you had to kneel (which the lady demonstrating for me thought was completely normal). And they went super fast. As I zipped around on this new mower there were like 10 other people in my yard helping.

Piece Two: Something about band and missing it. I wasn’t sure if this part took place at high school or BU but I had a cassette tape with a recorded audition. There were a bunch of slots for putting this tape in that listed songs. These songs were the second part of the audition process. Apparently I had to do a recorded audition and then if I passed, a live one. My dream self wanted to see if my recorded audition was any good but I knew I wasn’t going to do any live auditions. So I put my tape in a random slot just to see what would happen. Another part of this piece was that I put my clarinet together and walked past the band, just cuz I missed it. The people in band got confused and thought I was a band member.

Piece Three: I was mentally designing a school-project in this one. I’m not sure what the point of the project was or what class it was for but it had to be a race/scavenger hunt. My first idea was to make it a nautical theme but when I showed it to Gabriella she didn’t like it so I changed everything. I made it a Sherlock theme. It seemed like some strange busy work thing. I was planning crosswords, matching games, word searches and some weird Apple-Bobbing game where you bobbed for magnifying glasses.

Piece Four: Something to do with animals and my street. I barely remember this part. One part of it was me seeing Hannah Tobin coming out of a car (at the wrong house) and they were “unpacking from a trip” I noticed her books on the ground and she was reading Battle Royale. I was shocked that a girl her age would read something so gory but decided “eh, she’s mature enough”.

Piece Five: Took place in my driveway. There were several RVs parked and my mom was talking about how nice the “new RV with the bed” was. The only person I remember being in the RVs was “Lady Gaga’s sister and mother”. Lady Gaga’s “mother” was calling her “sister” a lazy bum. I chatted with Lady Gaga’s “sister” who said she was only here for ice cream. I replied with “Oh we have BUCKETS of ice cream here.” Lol.

Piece Six: A dream-within-a dream. I dreamed about and episode of Rugrats only it wasn’t really Rugrats. The character in it looked like that gumball machine dude from Regular Show drawn in the style of Rugrats. When I “woke up” I said something like “What were those Rugrats thinking??” To Gabriella. She said “They were probably daydreaming high schoolers. To this I pictured the Rugrats as high schoolers in cheerleader uniforms, taking a break.

Yeah…I don’t know either…

6/17/13 Went to bed around 12:30AM - Woke up around 8:20AM

Last night’s dream I was at the movies with Coady and Keith. The movie theater, however, looked more like the SHS auditorium for some reason. Before the movie started I kept randomly getting up out of my seat and crawling over others (lol being THAT person).

Once the movie DID start it was really weird. There was a short before the actual movie that was really unfunny and immature. It was basically all potty humor and I think Steve Carrel was in it?

So then the movie-movie started and (this part’s really weird) The Onceler was sitting next to us (I referred to him as “my friend”) and he ran up to the movie screen and jumped into the movie. Someone next to me was like “Oh God what is he doing, he’s gonna make a fool of himself, he can’t act” but I was like “What, no, he was good in the Lorax!” (Note: I’ve never seen The Lorax).

The Onceler came back to his seat and the movie turned into a play with audience participation. There was a scene with a bunch of maid characters carrying baskets of laundry and they grabbed “dirty clothes” from the audience (which were all either “pants” or “bloomers”) and brought them to the head maid. For some reason the maids got more points for red bloomers and whoever got the most won. Gabriella was one of the maids and then I joined too cuz I “had to” but then I lost.

The play turned back into a movie and the opening credits were super long and weird. They were in all comics sans and were meant to look like a facebook chat. A huge row of the audience started leaving and I said to Coady “WHAT. They aren’t even giving it a chance! You know what these credits remind me of?? Monty Python and the Holy Grail. No one left the theater of Monty Python and the Holy Grail!” But Coady was silent so I guess she didn’t agree lol.

The movie was several strange documentarys put together.The only one I remember was about Hawaii (and it stole lines from Beasts of the Southern Wild like “livin in the bathtub”). The one about Hawaii featured the lifestory of a poor Hawaiian kid. For some reason tho I recognized the kid and I was like “OH NO I’VE ALREADY SEEN THIS!!” I started getting outta my seat but then just sat back down.

The last part of my dream I remember is that I was watching the SourceFed review of the movie we saw and they said something like “If that boy was poor why did he have a TV and all those other nice things? It’s obvious that the director just gave him nice things and that took me out of the movie!”

~And that’s all I remember~

6/11/13 Went to bed around 1:30AM - Woke up around 9:45AM

Last night’s dream I was taking care of three tiny dogs: a yorkie, a pug, and a poodle. And when I say tiny I mean like I could pick each one up with one hand. I could also fit all three into one small bag. I’m not sure where we were going but the whole dream I was traveling with my family on the T and panicking about the dogs being stepped on or something. At one point in the dream I was struggling with their leashes and missed the train. But I got on the next one so it was okay.

Occasionally the dream would switch to the dogs POV as they explored the train. At one point the pug almost got eaten by some kinda weird sea-anemone looking thing and then they made friends with a tarantula that was randomly crawling around. (And he could talk lol, he talked like a mob boss)

The second part of my dream had nothing to do with the dogs but instead I was in some kinda class. I forget who the teacher was but the goal of the class was to figure out how to reach the top of this really tall wall. On top of the wall were several rocks that you had to get down. We were split into groups to work on the problem. The only people I remember in my group were Carl and Shawna from high school. The problem was too hard for me and all I could come up with was to stack some boxes and VHS tapes to make stairs up to the wall. (Some of the boxes had power ranger action figures and legos in them).

After a while the teacher said “Oh what the heck, let’s do the problem together as a class”. This is when everyone began to think someone else would do it and started doodling.

Like I looked around and everyone was drawing flowers and rocketships and stuff lol.

~And that’s all I remember~

6/10/13 - Went to bed around 1:30AM - Woke up around 10AM

Last nights dream was very glee-centric. I was part of the glee club and we were on the way to some competition and stopped for a bathroom break at some weird vocational school. The one bathroom they had had a line and was boy/girl. I was like “ew co-ed bathrooms” so I hopped in an elevator to search for a girl’s only bathroom (I dunno why I cared so much) and the school was arranged into really weird sections. I think floor 6 was the “green room” floor which was like a big greenhouse and floor 8 was the marine biology floor so when the door opened a buncha salt water flooded in.

On floor 8 I saw a group of preppy kids that went to the school and they looked back at me and were like “Who’s that??” and then one of them said “We can’t let her use our bathroom” and then I saw them walk off to a private bathroom. I felt like I wasn’t allowed to follow them so I went back to the main floor of the school and left the lobby. When I got back to the lobby I noticed that the boy/girl bathroom’s line had gotten HUGE.

I remember being worried about making everyone on the bus wait for me but then I was like “EH”. So I walked into a random knick-knack store run by Santana (lol shouldn’t she have been on the bus? Oh well) and I was like “Do you have a bathroom?” and she pointed me to a tiny bathroom behind a curtain. So I used it. When I got out I think I asked about my friends and she was like “Oh, they’re out there catching birds with nets” Apparently the competition we were going to require live birds.

I looked out the window and saw Mr.Schue waving a net around and said something like “My friend likes him, he’s a good singer sometimes…” and Santana was just like “uhuh…” and then I was suddenly determined to help out with the bird catching so I tried to make a net with things in the knick knack shop. I made a really crappy one and showed it to Santana and she was like “What’s THAT supposed to be???”

and that’s all I remember…